008 From Hobby Writer to Full Time Author with Rachael Herron

In this episode, Thomas Umstattd talks with Rachael Herron about how she went from writing as a hobby to a full-time author. We specifically talk about how she uses Patreon to connect with her most passionate fans.

007 Diversifying Your Income as a Creator With Joanna Penn

In this episode, Thomas Umstattd Jr. talks with bestselling author and podcaster Joanna Penn about how and why to diversify your income. This can’t-miss episode is packed with practical advice from an industry leader.

005 Funding Publishing on Patreon with Shemer Kuznits

Shemer Kuznits is an Israeli indie author who is using Patreon to fund his writing. He was recently able to move from working 5 days a week to 4 days a week giving him another day dedicated to writing. 

003 How to Start a Patreon Page

In this episode, I am going to sign up for a Patreon Account and share about the process and what I’ve learned along the way. If you want a blow by blow account of signing up for Patreon, this episode is for you.

002 How to Get Podcast Merch Right – Revolutions Podcast with Mike Duncan Deep Dive

Merchandise is hard to get right, especially for podcasters. It is easy to waste a lot of money on boxes of shirts that collect dust in your garage. In this episode, I break down the recent fundraising episode from the Revolutions Podcast for takeaways for podcasters and YouTubers. Mike Duncan is one of the top history podcasters in the world and he knows how to do a good fundraising episode. 

001 7 Ways Creators Can Make Money

In terms of creative funding, I see authors, YouTubers, and podcasters making money in 7 primary ways. This episode will be a broad overview. In the future, we will have deep dive episodes on each of these ways. In short, creators can make money with merch, products, affiliate revenue, advertising, sponsorship, crowdfunding, and patronage. 

000 Introducing the Creative Funding Show and Thomas Umstattd Jr.

The Creative Funding Show is a podcast where you will hear the stories of Authors, YouTubers, and Podcasters who are funding their creativity using platforms like Patreon, Kickstarter. You will also learn about making money with advertising, sponsorships, merch, and other creative ways to make a living as an artist.