Worrying about what & how to charge customers costs – your time, energy and money. Clients hire Janene to help them build value and know what/how to charge their customers more confidently. She wants people to know that having a profit mindset in their business makes them smart, not greedy.

Janene Liston is a Certified Pricing Professional, experienced in value creation and a European Public Speaking Champion. She believes we each possess the wisdom we need to thrive in life. Sometimes, we can use a little help tapping into it. This led her to “pack up” her pricing experience, step out of the corporate and into the entrepreneurial world.


  • Why is pricing products and services so hard?
  • How can you tell if your prices are too low?
  • Let’s talk about anchoring.
  • How do you tell if you prices are too high?
  • Let’s talk about multiple price points.
  • Let’s talk about luxury pricing.
  • Let’s talk about strategies for pricing patreon.


Facebook and Twitter accounts are @JaneneList. She is more active on LinkedIn with a larger network (linkedin.com/in/janenelistoncpp) than on Twitter (Twitter is used more for news here in Switzerland, less so for business, but I’m happy to use it as well if that suits you).

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